Tips For Success

Dogs don’t bark at parked cars. Even an animal in the forest will stand perfectly still in order to avoid being noticed.

You can have the most beautiful web site every created with fabulous pictures, graphics and compelling text, but until you take action to attract attention to it, it is worthless. The time tested success training tip is to take massive action. The scientific laws decree that nothing happens until something moves. This rule applies even more in business today.

If you say September has always been my slowest month because people are just returning from vacation and getting ready to get the kids back in school, you may not prospect as much. You may make fewer calls. The results probably demonstrated that September was indeed a slow month. You decreed from September 1 that the month would be slow and you took less action; consequently, the month was indeed slow. The problem existed not with the month of September, but your attitude about it and your actions (or lack of action). Our mindset determines our results. Our actions follow our attitudes and beliefs.

Change your attitude and change your results. Yesterday I wrote about “Gold Dust in the Air.” A salesman decreed that there was gold dust in the air and everywhere he turned he found prosperity. He found prosperity because he expected it, believes it and took the action to prospect for the gold.

Napoleon Hill wrote about your power to control your own mind and therefore, your results in “Think and Grow Rich.” The greatest tips for success all find their root in a positive mindset and massive action. When your beliefs are aligned with your actions, success building occurs. Beliefs align with thoughts, words and actions to produce success. Sound simple? Yes, it is. The beauty is that it is also very true.

Dogs don’t bark at parked cars because noting is moving or drawing their attention. Animals have instinct to avoid detection. Customers are searching for information; however, you must take the massive action to be where you can be easily found.

The tips for success remain very simple and specific. Set a target firmly in your mind, design a plan to reach the target and take massive action. Action creates the opportunity for customers to find you. Success training boils down to these few basic steps.

Another of the key tips for success is discipline. Each of these factors plays a significant role in your success. Consistency tops the cone of activities. Success requires daily focused action.

Build your cone of success by constructing a solid foundation of positive mindset for success. Add a layer of laser focused clarity of your target goal. Build another layer above that with a specific targeted audience. Above that add a layer of action plan, roadmap, as to the specific steps to achieve the goal. Second layer from the top resides taking the specific actions to achieve the goal. At the very top sits consistent daily action.

Think of the consistency as hot fudge on the top scoop of ice cream. Yes, it remains at the top but it also flows down through all of the layers of the success cone.

The key tips for success firmly reside in that cone of success. When you build it and immerse it throughout your being and your priorities. Success is guaranteed.